Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Is Rewarded At Orange Gymbaroo

Never pay more for a Gymbaroo class again!!!

Once you join a Gymbaroo class at Orange you will be given a loyalty card that locks you in to that price at this Gymbaroo for as long as you keep coming.


  • If you join this term and the fee is $180, your card will lock in that rate for you.
  • You will stay on this rate as long as any child in your family is enrolled at Orange Gymbaroo in consecutive terms. If you miss a term, you will be given a new card that locks you in at the current rate for that term.
  • THIS MEANS that if all your children attend Orange Gymbaroo without missing a term then you won’t be affected by any price rises in the future.

This is our gift to you.

Scholarships are coming soon so watch this space!!